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IOT product development
Surface Contact Charger for 30 Chromebooks

Our surface contact charger for 30 Chromebooks is a powerful 1400 watt system that allows full surface charging safely. The charger uses Energysquare technology and is designed to independently charge the top surface regardless of position. The charger also auto-detects polarity and negotiates charging voltage over the USB-C port.


To make the charger operational, our team designed charge system management hardware and software, a custom RX board to interface Chromebooks to the charger, and a tile board based on Energysquare reference design. We also ushered through full UL and FCC certification, making it a reliable and safe option for school Chromebook charge carts and computer charge carts.


Overall, this project required significant expertise in embedded engineering and certifications such as FCC and UL certification to ensure the charger is safe and effective to surface charge computers.

IoT surface charger
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