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Lab Pipette Washer

We recently worked on the development of a robotic laboratory pipette washer/dryer, which is a crucial lab device for cleaning and drying pipettes. This medical product features a modular design with component quick disconnects, allowing for easy maintenance and repair. The robotic pipette cleaner uses advanced technology, including EMC reduction techniques such as filtering, shielding, grounding, cable bundling, and routing, to ensure accurate and efficient cleaning of pipettes.

Our team provided consulting services for the development of this medical device and designed it for regulatory certification. We also conducted troubleshooting and performance improvement prototypes to optimize the performance of the equipment. Additionally, we made modifications to the pipette cleaner and provided hands-on troubleshooting to ensure that it met the highest standards for quality and reliability. The robotic pipette cleaner we developed is a valuable addition to the growing field of med tech, providing medical professionals with a reliable and efficient way to clean and dry pipettes in laboratory settings.

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