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See for yourself how emergency digital paging works - Chris explains in 7 worthwhile minutes

“Since the 70s we’ve been using 2-tone DTMF paging to dispatch first responders.” (Yes, the 70s!)

This is a project we’ve been talking about – a lot. Why? Because it’s a game-changer. It’s time – it’s more than time - to improve emergency paging for our first responders. Treat yourself to a demonstration of the pager with our CEO Chris Lamb.

And, thank you.

Thank you to our first responders near and far.

Thank you to to IWCE's Urgent Communications Donny Jackson for the interview.

Thank you to our team of collaborators: Anthony Sammarco, Jim Marting, Peter Pappas, Christopher Little, Peter Hallenbeck, Fred Engel, CPBE, ATSC3, Red Grasso, Triveni Digital, WRC, John Swartz, and DHS Science and Technology Directorate.

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