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At the Vet

Veterinary Blood Pressure Monitor

Our team recently completed a project to redesign a blood pressure monitor for veterinary applications. This medical device incorporated the latest technologies in custom cellular board design and antenna design, as well as advancements in embedded engineering to create a more sophisticated and reliable device. Our goal was to make a device that could withstand the rigors of veterinary care, while also being user-friendly and accessible to animal care professionals.

The redesigned blood pressure monitor features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing for easy data transfer and remote monitoring of animal blood pressure. We also integrated a secondary UI processor and a new Bluetooth module, adapting the existing hardware design to handle complex display and support for monitoring additional vital signs. The device software was developed to support multiple languages and multiple blood pressure measurement modules, making it accessible to veterinarians worldwide.

Our team supported the customer through medical testing and factory test development, ensuring that the final product met the highest standards for quality and reliability. The project was a success, and the redesigned blood pressure monitor is now part of the growing field of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and veterinary technology. We are proud to have contributed to the field of med tech and to the development of this innovative medical product for animal care professionals.

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