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Device Solutions is a full-service embedded engineering firm located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. A virtual R&D department for companies of all sizes since 2003, we offer product development services, including feasibility studies, embedded hardware and firmware design and development, industry and regulatory certifications and approvals, and manufacturing support. We have broad experience across the vertical marketplace, including medical, asset tracking, remote monitoring and control, consumer electronics, home and office automation, and utilities.

We specialize in wireless + low power devices that monitor, measure, control, compute, and communicate.

Device Solutions can shepherd your device through a wide variety of regulatory and industry
tests and certifications including FCC, UL, Bluetooth, and cellular carriers. We identify the required certifications and approvals and test the high-risk parametrics.

Device Solutions is also an end-to-end provider of cellular data services for IoT, and are widely considered experts in sensors and mesh networking. With a core expertise in wireless, our engineering consultancy created Cellio, an IoT ecosystem for data collection, remote control and monitoring, and exception alerts that communicate through cellular or Wi-Fi. Device Solutions has recently introduced a low-power ATSC 3.0 (NextGen TV) datacasting receiver, and helped build an end-to-end solution for first responders.

Our team of wireless engineers can assist your company by filling the gaps in your engineering expertise, or by providing full turnkey service - from inception to factory launch.

Our Services

IoT Product Development

Embedded Hardware, Embedded Firmware,
RF and Antenna Design,
ATSC3.0 (NextGen TV)/RFID/Wireless Charging,
Certifications (FCC, CE, UL), Global Carrier Approval 

Reference Designs

We offer reference solutions for a low-power sensor system (Cellio) for end-to-end communications and control; and for a mobile ATSC 3.0 receiver for datacasting applications (such as emergency paging). ​

Computer Circuit Board_edited_edited_edited.jpg

We have excellent relationships with cellular carriers and certification labs. We understand their requirements and will guide you through the certification process and expedite approvals.

Our Partners

Technology Partners
Device Solutions partner Semtech
Device Solutions partner AT&T
Device Solutions partner ST
Device Solutions partner Sierra Wireless
Device Solutions design partner Nordic Semiconductor
Device Solutions partner TagoIO
Device Solutions partner Silicon Labs
Device Solutions partner DigiKey
Device Solutions partner Telit Cinterion
Device Solutions partner SEACOMP
Solutions Partners
Device Solutions partner Speed VPD
Device Solutions partner Zipit
Device Solutions partner Lithios
Device Solutions partner RIoT Raleigh Internet of Things
Device Solutions partner AFFOA
Device Solutions partner Triveni Digital
Device Solutions partner Bluefin
Device Solutions partner AmplifiLabs
Device Solutions partner LAUT
Device Solutions partner SAM IT
Device Solutions partner Dualboot
Device Solutions partner NC Biotechnology Center

Powering the Future, One Device at a Time

When building something special, it is necessary to put first things first

Device Solutions bike sponsor team service project
Stewards of the Community

We are a company that is intent on stewarding the world forward - one invention and service project after another.

Device Solutions food bank service project
Employing People

We use our engineering expertise to provide quality products to our customers, to employ people, and to make a profit.

Device Solutions NCSU computer and electrical engineering student mentoring
Inspiring Young Inventors

When the input is encouragement and patience, the output is cutting edge advancement from budding innovators.
"We are so pleased with our partnership with Device Solutions Inc and were thrilled when they suggested the opportunity to work with the senior design team NC State Electrical & Computer Engineering. We've done a lot of projects with college teams, and this was by far the best... with their taking our problem - getting more visibility into grid losses - and turning it into a real solution."

Nicole Poindexter, CEO and Founder, Energicity

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How can we help
with your innovation?

Device Solutions

1004 Copeland Oaks Drive

Morrisville, NC 27560


Sales Ext: 702

Accounting Ext: 710

Fax: 919-732-7872

Thank you. We'll be in touch soon.

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