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In 2003, we formed Device Solutions with the earnest intent to employ people first and make a profit second, walking away from the corporate world after repeatedly laying off hardworking engineers. The company began operations in Chris' barn in Hillsborough, North Carolina and in 2004 moved to the First Flight Venture Center. In 2010, we expanded into our current space in Morrisville, and in early 2022, we acquired Raptor Wireless Labs, strengthening our RF skills and adding antenna design to our capabilities. Today we have a team of 40+ in our Morrisville office, and have been leading wireless device development for over 20 years.

Chris Lamb CEO Device Solutions
Chris Lamb
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Chris Lamb, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Device Solutions, has decades of experience in commercial product development, mobile devices, and applications. Chris drives the company forward, focusing on business development and ensuring our core beliefs stay at the forefront - providing clear benefits to the customer, an inclusive, positive corporate culture of growth, and expansion into new technologies.


Chris pushes Device Solutions to provide unique end-to-end solutions for their customers, which ensure technical, regulatory, and commercial success. Through broad technical relationships with partners (including cloud, application, and mechanical development services, as well as with the NSF ASSIST center at North Carolina State University), he is able to identify unique solutions and form key partnerships. He is recognized worldwide as an authority on advanced mobile devices, certifications, protocols, and messaging. Chris has managed the product acceptance testing of mobile phones for Ericsson and Sony Ericsson, and maintains strong relationships with vendor managers at major North American operators. Chris is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, holds an MSEE from North Carolina State University, and has 14 patents. He has served his community as a little league baseball coach and board member, volunteering with schools, Troop 461, Energicity Corp., and Our Human Planet.

Keith Anderson CFO Device Solutions
Keith Anderson
Partner & Chief Financial Officer

With 20 years of experience in embedded software development, Keith Anderson serves as both CFO and project lead on a number of Device Solution’s initiatives. He personally holds 11 patents in the cellular industry. Prior to Device Solutions, Keith worked at Ericsson and Sony Ericsson building cell phones for a variety of standards.


He has constructed firmware, device drivers, protocol stacks, and applications for embedded devices. Keith’s work has ranged from architecture to in-the-field debugging with infrastructure providers and cellular operators. He is widely recognized as an expert in cellular phone protocols. A graduate of Clemson University, Keith holds BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering. He serves his community as a deacon at Restoration Church. 

Will Darden COO Device Solutions

Will Darden
Partner & Chief Operational Officer

Will has been in the product development business for 30 years. Before merging with Device Solutions in 2022, he founded and led Raptor Wireless Labs for 5 years. He started Raptor after working at several well-known brands, including Motorola, Molex, and Sony Ericsson.

Will has been involved in all aspects of product design, and antenna design and optimization are his strength and passion. For most of his career, he has enjoyed direct engagement with customers large and small in their product development pursuits. Will graduated with a BSEE and MSEE from Ohio State University. He currently holds 21 patents.

Bob Witter
Co-Founder & Advisor

Now retired, Bob Witter led Device Solutions for 18 years and was instrumental in building our company with strong values, solid business principles, and an excellent reputation. 

Device Solutions at RIoT Demo Night Raleigh
Device Solutions on RIoT podcast

We use our engineering expertise to provide quality products for our customers. Collaborating with our team, our clients, and our industry partners, we've developed many products across a variety of industries, including:

  • touch-screen 4G smart pill dispenser (cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, certified in the US, Canada, and EU)

  • hands-free intercom system for UTVs (wearable, Bluetooth, BLE, FCC on-body compliant)

  • solar charged package drop box solution (cellular, FCC certified, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T approved)

  • several IoT asset trackers and container monitors (cellular, LoRa, 4G)

  • award-winning 1400-watt wireless laptop charging station

  • brewery fermentation monitoring system (sensors, Wi-Fi)

  • smart meter for solar power (cellular, Zigbee, carrier certified)

We are active in the tech community, regularly attending tradeshows (e.g., CES, NAB, IWCERIoT Demo Night, All Things Open, PCB Carolinas), presenting our award-winning devices in new markets (e.g., ATSC 3.0 first responder pager in Canada), and collaborating with our industry partners.

Device Solutions volunteer day at food bank
Device Solutions and NC State Electrical and Computer Engineering Design Day team

We are intent on helping steward the world forward, one invention and service project after another. Since 2003, we've supported several organizations, including the local food bank, Habitat for Humanity, Citizen Schools, Energicity (solar power for African villages), and the Orange Grove Volunteer Fire Department. We actively participate in the ASSIST ERC and Senior Design at NC State.

Device Solutions partner ASSIST (Ravi  Chilukuri)

Ravi Chilukuri, PhD
ASSIST Innovation Ecosystem Director

"Thank you, Device Solutions, for being such an excellent partner over all these years." #wearabledevices #sensors #medtech
April 2023
Device Solutions partner RIoT (Tom Snyder)
Tom Snyder, Executive Director at RIoT
"Device Solutions has been with RIoT since the very beginning. Immeasurable support over the years to so many entrepreneurs, founders, and large companies alike."
March 2024
Device Solutions customer Energicity (Nicole Poindexter)
Nicole Poindexter,
"We are so pleased with our partnership with Device Solutions and were thrilled when they suggested the opportunity to work with the senior design team (NC State Electrical & Computer Engineering). We've done a lot of projects with college teams, and this was by far the best, with their taking our problem - getting more visibility into grid losses - and turning it into a real solution."
May 2023

Device Solutions

1004 Copeland Oaks Drive

Morrisville, NC 27560


Sales Ext: 702

Accounting Ext: 710

Fax: 919-732-7872

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