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IoT and Cellio

Cellio is a complete low-cost, easily installed, IoT ecosystem that gives visibility into operations and assets.

Cellio utilizes a collection of Transceivers which connect to a variety of sensors and controllers. Transceivers communicate over one mile line-of-site to a cellular gateway, which aggregates data and sends it to a backend server application for storage, visualization, analytics, and alerting. Cellio also supports downlink remote control of assets, either automatically through backend scripts, or manually using control widgets on the backend visualization dashboard.

We provide connectivity to global cellular carriers, back-end cloud platforms, and sensor and control instrumentation vendors. We provide complete solutions that are quick to install, easily scaled, and very affordable.


Introducing BinVision powered by Cellio

We joined forces with Envision EES to provide a patented, unique, cost-effective solution to measure and report daily feed bin levels to any customer in the live production ecosystem - reliably and automatically. 

Unlike other automated solutions, BinVision utilizes a ruggedized low-cost temperature sensor cable to determine grain level within the bin.


  • The sensor cable is robust, reliable, and proven, and the readings are not affected by the construction material of the bin or dust

  • The cable is easily installed into the top of new bins or retrofitted into existing bins

  • The installation process is simple (15 minutes per bin) and extremely cost-effective compared to load cells

  • Our patented algorithm for estimating feed bin levels has been optimized since 2016 - in hundreds of bins of multiple sizes, types, and manufacturers across all seasons and weather conditions - proving itself again and again (costs up to 10x lower than existing systems!)

  • The cable does not interfere with bin fills or flow of grain through the cone to the auger, and it is constructed of materials certified safe for contact with feed

iot devices for agriculture
iot devices for cold storage monitoring
Cold Storage Monitoring

Eliminate Product Loss and Reduce Labor 

Our automatic, reliable, wireless system monitors cooler and freezer temperatures, provides alerts and automated compliance reports, and reduces operational costs with a fast return on investment.



  • 24/7 monitoring with no need for manual checks during weekends and holidays

  • Configurable measurement rates

  • One-button compliance report generation

  • Fast, easy retrofits

  • Affordable to install and reliable to operate

  • Temp. range of -55 to 125°C (-67°F to +257°F)

  • Simple plug-and-play installation

  • Multi-year transceiver battery (9VDC)

Navigational Lighting

A state DOT wanted to assure that all the lights on its bridges and towers were operating (that none of them had failed). They also needed a way to reduce overtime and checking on remote bridges that were a couple hours drive away. Additionally, they need to make sure that all of the lights on radio towers were functioning properly. All of these in the name of public safety.


They needed a way to get a daily status report of all of their assets and be able to focus the maintenance team on those lights and assets in most need of repair/replacement.

iot devices for nagivational lighting
Image by Tom Wheatley
iot devices for remote motor and fountain control
Remote Motor and Fountain Control

A University campus is beautifully landscaped with many large, decorative, multi-layer fountains. Controlling the height of the fountain jets is critical – not only for aesthetics, but safety. Windy weather can spray water onto sidewalks and roads. During cold, the water can freeze causing dangerous icy conditions for pedestrians and vehicles. Adjusting fountain levels involved maintenance workers accessing an underground vault for each fountain to manually adjust the VFD motor controller. Having to adjust multiple fountain heights many times a day is both time consuming and hazardous.

With Cellio, remote Transceivers placed inside each fountain’s vault can be real-time commanded via PC / phone dashboard (or by time schedule) to control the fountain height via RS-485 connection to the fountain’s controller. A few strategically placed Gateways are all that is needed to cover the entire campus of 10+ fountains. Cellio downlink control can also trigger on/off for motors and switches to meet industrial application needs based on remote monitoring of critical systems.

Cellio IoT gateway
Cellio Gateway

The Gateway is a powerful tool for aggregating all transceiver data and communication to the back-end via LTE Cat-1 Cellular technology, ensuring a reliable and efficient transfer of data - essential for many applications.

The Gateway can also support LoRa 900 MHz long-range interface between Transceivers and Gateways, enabling

line-of-sight connection over one mile (particularly useful for applications requiring long-range connectivity).​

For applications that require location data, the Gateway also has an optional GPS built-in - especially useful for monitoring mobile assets or tracking vehicles. The Gateway is powered by 120 VAC, a li-Ion backup battery, and has solar panel support, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted power in demanding environments. Furthermore, the Gateway is housed in a waterproof, dustproof enclosure (IP-68), making it suitable for use in a range of demanding environments such as industrial, agricultural, and transportation settings.​


The Gateway is easily configurable via over-the-air (OTA) updates, which enable report times/rates and firmware upgrades, providing flexibility via remote configuration. The Gateway supports a star topology, which provides redundancy and extends cellular coverage.


Additionally, a single Gateway can support hundreds of Transceivers/edge nodes, making it highly scalable. Devices store and resend data to ensure integrity and no lost data.

Cellio IOT transceiver
Cellio Transceiver

The Cellio Transceiver is a durable device designed for use in demanding environments. Housed in a waterproof, dustproof enclosure (IP-68), the Transceiver is capable of withstanding a range of challenging conditions.


The Transceiver supports LoRa 900 MHz, which enables a long-range interface between Transceivers and Gateways, providing a line-of-sight connection of over one mile. It is an excellent choice for applications requiring long-range connectivity.


The Transceiver supports a star topology, providing redundancy and extending cellular coverage for the reliable and efficient transfer of data - essential for many applications. Additionally, the Transceiver is easily configurable via over-the-air (OTA) updates, which enable report times/rates and firmware upgrades, providing flexibility via remote configuration.


The Transceiver is powered by a 9V battery, which provides over four years of life, making it a cost-effective solution. It supports multiple I/O ports for connections to a variety of sensor types, enabling multiple applications. The Transceiver is versatile and can be adapted to suit a wide range of use cases.

Cellio iot data analytics, iot analytics, iot dashboard
Data Host, Analytics, Alerts, Dashboards, & Control

The Cellio platform is a tool for monitoring and visualizing data. It provides a range of features for alerting, analytics, and compliance reporting. Users can receive alerts via text, email, or phone call, ensuring that they are always up-to-date on important information.

The platform also offers flexible options for data aggregation, enabling users to bring data from other applications onto a single dashboard. The Cellio platform is backed by AWS, which ensures data integrity, backup, and retention. Additionally, the platform offers APIs for push/pull of data to/from enterprise systems, enabling seamless integration with existing workflows. Users have end-user downlink control, which enables them to turn on/off lights, lock/unlock doors and gates, and toggle relays/switches and motors.

The Cellio platform provides a range of application-specific or custom dashboards, presenting data in the most effective way. Users can access a summary dashboard of multiple locations, individual entity dashboards, and configuration / maintenance dashboards. Hierarchical user accounts ensure that users have access to the data they need while maintaining security and privacy.

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