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Press Release: “We Grew The Bench”, Device Solutions and Raptor Wireless Labs Merger

Device Solutions (Morrisville, NC) and Raptor Wireless Labs (Cary, NC) are excited to announce their merger effective March first and are looking forward to moving forward under the Device Solutions brand.


Bringing together two highly experienced design houses with extensive wireless backgrounds, we have created a “deeper bench” of complimentary skills and created a broader team to serve companies of all sizes. With our increased depth and breadth we are better positioned to meet the challenges of product development for the IoT (Internet of Things) and connected medical, industrial and wearable products.

“This merger enables us to expand our services and scale while maintaining a focus on excellence and efficiency on behalf of our customers. We are looking forward to a smooth transition as the two companies are so well aligned when it comes to workplace culture and values. ” – Chris Lamb, CEO

“We are very excited about the merger and see this as an opportunity to reinforce our commitments to customers of quality design with on time delivery.” – Will Darden, COO

For further information, please contact

Chris Lamb (919-619-6192) or Will Darden (336-554-1794).

About Device Solutions Inc

Device Solutions Inc is an engineering firm located in Research Triangle Park, servicing customers since 2003. We provide embedded hardware and software design services, industry certifications and approvals support, manufacturing support, and deployment services. Device Solutions has deep experience in the design and development of electronic devices for multiple vertical marketplaces including consumer electronics, medical, asset tracking, remote monitoring, home/office automation, and utilities. Visit www.device-solutions.com to learn more.


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