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The game-changing, time-saving⏱️Zipit Connectivity Management Platform

Our partners over at Zipit wrote an article about their Connectivity Management Platform featuring... Device Solutions. They write: " Manually managing large deployments of cellular IoT devices is: - Difficult to do across more than one carrier 📊 - Inefficient for companies that invoice their customers for data usage ⏱️ - Overly burdensome for Operations, Customer Service and Billing teams 😟 This is what Device Solutions Inc, a well-respected wireless design company, discovered as their business grew and as they onboarded more customers, more carriers...and unfortunately more complexity.

Now, they use the Zipit Connectivity Management Platform to dramatically increase efficiency and scale WITHOUT encountering operational headaches."

As Tony Sammarco, Device Solutions' Director of Product Technology Strategy tells it: "The combination of multi-carrier management in a single pane of glass, multiple data plan size offerings, customer-led SIM management and automated usage tracking and invoicing has been transformative for us."

Read more about multi-carrier management using Zipit's platform here: https://bit.ly/46azVnP

" The article: https://bit.ly/46azVnP The L/I post: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7117208298906423296


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