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We Won the Prestigious 2023 NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Technology Innovation Award!

We won the 2023 NAB Technology Innovation Award!!! 🏆🎉

We're so happy and proud to be part of the success shared with an amazing group of people. Thank you to Fred Engel, CPBE, ATSC3 and Red Grasso for the original idea behind the project.

Thank you to the team at Triveni Digital, Peter Hallenbeck, and the rest of the team at Device Solutions Inc, especially Anthony Sammarco, Jim Marting, Peter Pappas, and Christopher Little who did the work to make this happen.

And thank you for the team at DHS Science and Technology Directorate for the vision to back this project, including Dusty Lang, Norman Speicher, Cuong Luu, Sridhar Kowdley, and Maua Johnson! Finally, thank you to John Swartz, Shruthi S., and the team at WRC for partnering with us!

Click here to read the press release from Triveni Digital!

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