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How does Cellio work, and what is a practical use case for this product? How about maintaining fountains on a university campus? Our technology partners TagoIO shared the story on LinkedIn and wrote a case study here.

Device Solutions Inc is a proud member of the Nordic Partner Program. We have used Nordic Semiconductor parts in our projects since 2008, and in our products (Cellio) since 2010. They've been an excellent technology provider and a dependable partner. Special thanks to the sales and support team who have consistently been there for us, including David Day, Clay Hine, William Severino, Pratyush Dave, Neil Rice, Scott Bland. Read more here.

Why do we do this kind of work, specializing in low power + wireless devices? Yes, we like to solve problems. Yes, we like to collaborate. Yes, we like to give back. Therefore, if a project ticks all these boxes, and we can help design a groundbreaking device that potentially saves lives ("this new technology... could significantly reduce firefighter alert times from 67 seconds to 5-10 seconds"), then we say Yes. Yes please. Read the rest of the story here.

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